The old saying "Time Will Tell" certainly is apt in describing the Oyster Bar. Fort Worth seafood aficionados have been counting on the Oyster Bar for nearly 40 years now.  We are conveniently located near Will Rogers Center and the arts and cultural district.

You are now welcome to try the same seafood, cooked to perfection, that gave the Oyster Bar it's reputation as Fort Worth's prime fish, oyster and shrimp source, at our newest location in Burleson's historical district.   

The freshly prepared dishes and side orders have made the Oyster Bar the first choice, and with a reputation to uphold, you will find it to be a genuine dining experience long remembered and soon to be revisited.                        


"Catch a Taste"
© Ron Jenkins 
Grow a rice Crop in water from March to July.

Seed Crawfish in the Rice field in June.

Drain water and Harvest the rice in late July/August.

Re-flood the old rice field and it becomes a crawfish pond in September/October.

Harvest the crawfish from November to July.

Drain, plow, and level the field to repeat the process in July to March.
Crawfish season generally runs from January to June of every year.
Contact restaraunt for exact dates.

J&J Oyster Bar
Burleson Oyster Bar Live Music
Every Friday & Saturday Night @7pm                      

**We have new store hours at the Burleson location for the winter season.  Please
see our “About Us” page for more 
Thank you